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"Does a CEO's Accountability Really Matter?"

As we start a new year - Accountability becomes a hot topic.

CEOs are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways of holding their employees accountable while the media and the general public are posing an even stickier question "How do we ensure our leaders are held accountable?"

When there are well-defined processes and tasks to be completed, accountability is not only easier to track but also to manage. For leaders and their Boards - if they have one - it becomes almost an existential question of what the role of a CEO is and how you measure whether this or that CEO is a success.

Join John Furth, a Vistage Chair and C-Suite Coach, and Larry Reines, Founding Member at Aaron Myer Consulting Group as they provide their insights on the question: How much does holding a CEO accountable contribute to their and their organization's success?

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