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The ability to celebrate failure

I watched a TED talk titled "The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure" by Astro Teller, head of Google X (or what is now called X).

All entrepreneurs are okay with failure; in fact, all entrepreneurs have failed at some point. However, they don't make a big event out of the failure; instead, they learn from it.

Astro's angle was to illustrate how failure leads to success and innovation. While we do not have a budget like Google to process failure as an achievement, we can respect the concept and fail in other ways.

I like to say that failing forward is always beneficial. That is an essential trait of a successful entrepreneur.

The more subtle lesson that is woven into this paradigm is not to make an event of failure. In fact, "not making an event" is an essential trait of a successful entrepreneur. Anyone would feel pressure if you attach extreme gravity to a process, as gravity is created by giving too much importance to a task.

Winning the client and creating a long-term relationship or completing a project that has an end — is the event. If you make the tasks leading up to the finish line a series of events, it will likely collapse the project under its weight.

Two essential traits of a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Fail – but fail forward

  2. Don't make an event out of a task —it's too distracting.

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